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Hazchem Services is Whangarei’s locally owned and operated provider of hazardous waste disposal services in Northland.

We pride ourselves on an honest service whilst collecting, transporting, treating, recycling, recovering and disposing of industrial and hazardous waste.

We can adapt our services to meet your requirements; we’re always dedicated to the safe, responsible, and diligent management of waste. The team at Hazchem Services are proud Kiwis who take maintaining our beautiful environment seriously and follow strict protocols so you can rest assured that your business continues to be compliant with the rigorous environmental and safety regulations.

Current Case Studies:

  • Council Transfer Station Hazardous Waste – Hazchem Services has recently been involved in sorting, packaging and management of hazardous household waste received at council transfer stations. This involved the sorting and identification of;

•    Pesticides

•    Solvents

•    Paint

•    Oils,

•    Cleaning Chemicals,

•    Aerosols

Not to mention other hazardous chemical wastes received both lawfully and unlawfully dumped at council transfer stations. Hazchem services were able to safely sort, identify, package, transport and treat these hazardous chemicals providing a useful support service for councils who often do not have the staff experience and resources to manage these wastes.


  •  Ammonia Water from Refrigeration – Hazchem Services recently found a management solution for wastewater from the use of ammonia-based refrigeration equipment. Hazchem services were able to package and label the waste and safely transport it for treatment by an approved process.


  • Paint Waste – Hazchem Services has recently been involved with a number of waste paint collections. We were able to assess and advise the customer on simple methods to package and remove the paint waste that the client was not aware of. This meant that the customer did not have to decant or repackage waste paints that had built up at their site, and instead allowed Hazchem Services to remove the problem completely.


  • Pesticides – Hazchem Services was able to help a customer in a remote rural area after the other waste companies they had contacted said the job was too difficult for them. Hazchem Services guided the customer through some basic steps to help identify the waste then was able to organise the collection and treatment of the waste.

Hazchem Services specialise in the handling and disposal of hazardous waste. We provide a service to safely handle hazardous waste from many clients originating from both commercial and industrial sectors. Located in Northland, we pick up and receive all kinds of hazardous waste, where the material is made safe and processed for recycling or disposal at certified treatment plants locally.

From site assessments, removal and disposal of hazardous waste, to waste analysis studies, training and many other projects including Environmental and Health & Safety Auditing,


Hazchem Services has successfully completed a variety of work for many different clients and continues to build excellent business relationships. We endeavour to spread the knowledge we have gained from our numerous years of experience to encourage the awareness on the presence and disposal of chemicals within the business industry.

A tailored solution to any hazardous waste problem: Our goal is to work closely alongside you to deliver a personalised resolution to your hazardous waste problem. If in the unlikely event that we cannot help you directly, we use our industry contacts to find you the best solution to get you sorted!

Check out the services we provide or contact us to discuss your hazardous waste service requirements on 0800 110 984.

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