Environmental and Health and Safety Auditing

Analysing and reporting on your existing compliance and efficiency status is an essential part of identifying areas of improvement for your waste management programme.


Hazchem Services can provide you with an environmental and health and safety for Industrial premises (EHS Audit) audit which demonstrates how your business currently stands with regards to regulations and legislation as well as highlight a pathway for improving efficiency and your compliance when it comes to waste management.


Our team has the experience and expertise to quickly understand potential issues and opportunities through our waste management environmental audit process. We can:


  • Identify any compliance issues

  • Uncover the root cause and trend analyses

  • Provide immediate and long-term corrective measures

  • Develop current audit programs


Hazchem Services can help you to better understand the correct legislation and corporate obligations to ensure that you are confident in the day-to-day management of your chemical and hazardous waste, contact us to find out more.

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