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Over the past two weeks, Hazchem Services have collected 28 pallets of waste pharmaceuticals confiscated from customs, 22 pallets of expired shampoo and hair care products and 1,000 counterfeit golf gloves imported into New Zealand all which we have successfully disposed of using Secure Product Destruction.

Secure Product Destruction is when companies have excess, expired or damaged stock that needs to be destroyed. This can be by witness or non-witness destruction.

For witness destruction, a product chain of custody form is completed and the destruction is witnessed and photographed by a representative. The customer then receives a copy of the chain of custody, photos of the secure product destruction and a destruction certificate verifying on behalf of the destruction facility that the materials have been destroyed.

Most companies are not aware of the risks involved in allowing their respected brand name and stock to fall into the hands of unauthorised persons until it is too late. Employing a Certified Product Destruction company is essential in knowing that the disposal of goods is final in order to protect your business and have peace of mind.

Product destruction includes anything from documents, food, drinks, supermarket packaged products, waste chemical products such as aerosols and paint, pharmaceuticals and any other product that needs to be destroyed for a valid company reason.

When choosing Hazchem Services for your waste management needs, you can relax knowing that we are certified and licensed with extensive experience in handling secure product disposals!




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