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How and where toxic waste is disposed are continuous and heated environmental questions. Clean, Green New Zealand is now more than ever under the microscope and we are being judged and condemned for our polluted rivers and waterways, litterbug population and impending plastic problem… but what about our toxic waste, are we disposing of it securely and safely? And why is it important?

First, what is a toxic hazardous waste?

Hazardous wastes are toxic by-products caused by industries and businesses such as construction, manufacturing, farming, mechanic garages, septic systems, hospitals, and laboratories (to name a few!). The toxic waste may be in liquid form, solid, or sludge and could contain anything from chemicals to heavy metals, radiation and toxins, to deadly pathogens. Major industries and big businesses are not the only producers of hazardous waste though – household waste such as old batteries, paint, pesticides, gas cylinders and unwanted technological equipment are all considered hazardous waste and must be disposed of by a toxic waste specialist.

If the correct standard of toxic waste removal is not followed, the waste can be very dangerous to people, animals, and plants. Toxins can be buried underground, in groundwater that supplies drinking water, or in floodwaters. Some toxins persevere in the environment and accumulate - like mercury. Humans and animals often absorb them when they eat fish.

Choosing a reputable Toxic Waste Removal Specialist - like us here at Hazchem Services NZ- means that you can rest easy knowing that your hazardous waste is in good hands. You should never put hazardous waste in your general rubbish or recycling bin, down any drain or dump it in a remote area whether you live in Auckland, Whangarei or Northland - Love Your Home. It is your responsibility to get in touch with us today to discuss the correct procedure for packaging, transporting and treating your toxic waste.




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